Nate the Great!

Happy Halloween! I’ll be celebrating this spooky holiday with a beloved character from my childhood (Throwback Thursday!), or more specifically, my younger brother’s.

In Nate the Great and the Halloween Hunt, our sleuth returns to solve the mystery of the missing Little Hex. Join Nate and Sludge as they try to find the whereabouts of this scared little kitten.

Nate the Great Halloween

This book makes a great Halloween adventure for young readers or those learning English. Sharmat uses a lot of common words and phrases, as well as repeats a few more difficult words throughout the book for readers to practice and master.

Activities for Nate the Great and the Halloween Hunt:

– Drive around town with your child and look for haunted-looking houses, just like Nate. Ask them to describe what sort of things might be in a haunted house. Let their imagination go wild!

– For older kids, look for an actual haunted house or research the local ghost legends in your area. A lot of these haunted sites have special events around Halloween. Spooky!

– Put two items, one light and one heavy, in two different baskets. Have your child pick them up and ask them why one might be heavier than the other.

– Learn about Halloween traditions from around the world. Good ideas include Ireland (the first Halloween was celebrated there in the eighth century- the ancient festival of Samhain, which Halloween was based on, is even older!), China (Teng Chieh), and Mexico (Dia de los Muertos).

For a full history of Halloween, check out the History Channel’s website.

– Make costumes with your child from items in their (and your) wardrobe. Dress up your pet, just like Fang. Have fun trick-or-treating! (This is also a good opportunity to talk to your child about strangers and safety.)

Happy Halloween!

Begley pumpkin

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