The Girls of Atomic City- Part II

Still reading The Girls of Atomic City in preparation for our discussion on Friday. And still loving it!

Today’s post is an author profile of Denise Kiernan, the woman behind The Girls of Atomic City. Her portfolio includes everything from The Indiana Jones Handbook to ABC’s “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” Most of her books focus on American history, specifically Revolutionary War-era history, with The Girls of Atomic City as an outlier, at least chronologically. Her list of published works include Signing Their Lives AwaySigning Their Rights Away, and Stuff Every American Should Know– all about the signers of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and including lots of good ol’ American factoids. Those works, along with her guide to financial management for the freelancer, The Money Book for Freelancers, Part-Timers, and the Self Employed, all promise to be interesting and enlightening reads.  

Malaprops 1 LogoDenise Kiernan is a huge supporter of independently owned bookstores, most notably Malaprop’s, her local Asheville, NC joint, so head to your closest indie bookstore to pick up this one Denise-Kiernan-style. Malaprop’s will even get you a signed copy of her book, The Girls of Atomic City, and mail it to you “lickety-split” (her words). If you’re an Asheville resident, or wanting a good excuse for a road trip, head over there on November 30th. You may just see Denise Kiernan or her hubby, author Joe D’Agnese, helping out around the store <wink, wink>. It’s also available on Amazon for you techy-types. The Girls of Atomic City has landed her a spot on the coveted New York Times Best Seller List and the LA Times Best Seller List, along with a host of other awards and recognition. I think it’s going to be a book club favorite around the country.

She’s also an extremely talented and well-spoken interviewee. Seriously- even if you don’t read the book, you can take some public speaking tips from this lady. Click here to see a March 2013 The Daily Show interview with Denise Kiernan about The Girls of Atomic City: Part I, Part II

Visit her site to learn more about what she’s done and what she’s up to. And keep reading The Girls of Atomic City for our discussion on Friday! See you then!

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