Family Reading- How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

HowtheGrinchStoleChristmasThis holiday, why not start a new tradition? Pick a holiday classic to read as a family! My suggestion for younger readers is Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, a classic Seussical story about a mean old miser, set on destroying Christmas for the joyful townsfolk of Whoville. The grinch, along with his dog-reindeer, Max, sneaks into the town dressed as “Santy Clause,” steals all of the presents, decorations, and even the roast beast!

Upon realizing that he had not stolen Christmas from the Who’s of Whoville, whose joy never came from presents or things, he and Max speed into town on his sleigh, full of holiday things, and brings Christmas back to the grateful Who’s.


Here are a few questions and activities to help your little ones learn what is important this holiday season, alongside the Grinch.

– What do the Who’s like about Christmas? What do you like about Christmas?

– Why do you think the Who’s like to sing together at Christmas? Pick out your favorite holiday song and sing it together as a family.

– Some people don’t get to open a lot of presents during the holidays. Donate toys and gifts or volunteer at a soup kitchen to teach your kids about sharing and helping others during the holidays.

Search Volunteer Match,, or Feeding America to find an organization near you.

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