Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn


Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl begins in the sleepy, somewhat run-down, town of North Carthage, Missouri. North Carthage is the kind of place that barely warrants its own place on the state map and most certainly doesn’t make an appearance on anything larger scale than that. Set against a backdrop of predictable failing businesses and dusty townsfolk, the drama soon becomes anything but mundane.

Nick and Amy appear to be your typical mid-West couple. He, a small town boy returning from the big city. She, his perfectionist wife intent on making a home in this town after her glamorous upbringing in the city. But read past the first paragraph and you’ll soon see that neither is the poster child for their own archetype.

It begins when Amy disappears and Nick, the last one to see her and, unfortunately for him, the one without an alibi, becomes the prime suspect. He soon faces his friends, family, and the ever-present media with a closet full of skeletons. Amy’s account, left in a diary, show us her growing unhappiness and fear in the days leading up to her disappearance. But she is not without skeletons of her own.

Gillian Flynn guides the reader through the despicable choices of a selfish husband, the vengeful plot of a scorned wife, and the twisted misery of a failed marriage. Gone Girl lives up to its suspenseful title and thriller reputation. Find a discussion guide at www.gillian-flynn.com.

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