The Fault in Our Stars- John Green: Book Club Questions

Here are some things to think about as you read and discuss John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.


– Hazel and Gus purposefully do not act as we “expect” cancer patients would. Why do you think Green portrays his characters this way?

– Towards the end of the book, Van Houten reveals why he treated Hazel and Gus the way he did in Amsterdam. Do you think that his reaction and explanation are understandable? What did you think of Hazel’s treatment of him?

– How does Green portray Gus and Hazel’s classmates? Do you think that this is an accurate depiction of what would happen in real life? What is Green saying by including this in the book?

– What did you think of Green’s depiction of a teenage girl? Was it convincing?

– Is this a cancer book or a love story? What do you think is the central theme of the book?

Find more at Lit Lovers: An Well-Read Online Community and read a Q&A with the author on his website.

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