About the Club

If you’re like us, you like to read. A lot. You fall asleep with a book open on your lap then insist that you’re not actually asleep yet when your husband or wife asks you for the third time to turn out your reading light. A great date for you means browsing the shelves at Barnes & Noble, whether with someone or by yourself. And the sagging bookshelf of tightly packed novels in your living room is not an obsession- it’s an investment.

If any of these things sound familiar, or even just made you chuckle, you’re in good company and came to the right place. Here, we share our love of books and reading with reviews, local events, and author profiles. We read everything from the classics to the newest releases, always looking to expand our literary horizons.

Who are we? We’re a book club, of course. A group of people that get together to discuss what we’re reading and life in general. The catch? We live all over the United States. With members in Virginia, New Jersey, Missouri, and Hawaii, it can get a little bit challenging to all get together to talk about books. So, we’ve started The Home Book Club- a virtual “home” where we can exchange ideas and get a new perspective on books and the world around us. After all, what is home without the people that make it so special?

So check back often to find reviews of classics you already love, new releases you’re curious about, or books you have yet to discover. Comment with your own unique viewpoint on literature and suggest books to review. And above all…

Welcome to our home!

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