Heart Upon the Waters

Each new day is a blessing What we do with it is the key It is simply, for me...
another chance to right my wrongs another chance to hear a bird's sweet song
another chance to make someone smile another chance to just sit and read for a
while ...

Heart Upon the Waters

Heart Upon the Waters

Is there life after age 50? Some people ponder this question as they get older. Society calls it a mid-life crisis, or taking stock of your life. Having lived for half a century on this wonderful earth, do you see it as just another day coming to an end, or do you view life with a renewed spirit and vision? For Nancy Gale Smart, age 50 was a major turning point in her life. Battling depression for many years, she awoke one morning to face her most difficult decision. She felt life was passing her by, as she struggled just to get through each day. Nancy seemed to lose her identity as she danced with thedemons of depression. The time had come for her to decide if she wouldcontinue with her life the way it was, or risk everything and venture out into unknown and unfamiliar territory. She needed to find her soul again and went on a quest for her true self. Heart Upon the Waters invites the reader to step into her world and walks you through her journey of self-discovery. These poems chronicle the many joys and heartache of everyday life, from peeling back the various layers of depression, to experiencing a very agonizing and painful breakup of her marriage, and finally, finding love, peace and contentment in her life today. For Nancy Smart, life began at 50.

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