Ed F Kruse of Blue Bell Creameries

The folks in Austin seemed to prefer Superior Dairies' chocolate over Blue Bell's.
Ed responded that the capital's citizens just hadn't had enough time to adjust their
tastes to Blue Bell's first-rate chocolate: they were simply accustomed to the ...

Ed  F  Kruse of Blue Bell Creameries

Ed F Kruse of Blue Bell Creameries

This biography of ice cream entrepreneur Ed. F. Kruse (1928–2015) looks back on a life devoted to family, community, and building one of the most successful businesses in Texas. Starting at Blue Bell Creameries at the age of thirteen, Kruse held every position imaginable at the company, eventually becoming president and chief executive officer. Under his guidance, Blue Bell grew from a creamery serving the small communities around Brenham, Texas, to a nationally recognized brand. Dorothy MacInerney takes readers behind the scenes at the “little creamery in Brenham.” She reveals the hard work, persistence, and dedication that went into building not only Blue Bell Creameries, but also Kruse’s reputation as a tireless worker on behalf of the place where he was born and raised, the people whom he gathered around him at his company, and the home he so clearly treasured above everything else. This is an authentic Texas success story of a man and his guiding principles—and the generosity that compelled him to share his success with others. After retiring, the late Kruse retained a seat on the board of directors until 2015, giving him seventy-five years of experience at Blue Bell Creameries.

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