The Blessed Home

From Chaos to Calm How Your Words Can Heal Your Home Amy Jae. tributes
containing the very words our loved one has longed to hear. Don't wait to speak
words of love and blessing. There is no better time to bless a loved one than
when ...

The Blessed Home

The Blessed Home

Creating a home may be the most important thing we do as humans, yet most of us enter the adult world armed only with a few high school lessons on budgeting, birth control and baking cupcakes! No matter how many times we deep clean, declutter, rearrange the furniture or splurge for the latest “must-have,” we can't shake the ache that sneaks up on us in the quiet moments. Whispering that something is missing. In The Blessed Home, Amy Jae shares why home matters so much and how complicated inner messages keep us from feeling peace even in our own homes. Using the ancient art of Blessing, she reveals the beautiful way that painful emotions can become the portals for healing. Amy guides you through a simple two-step process of Cleansing and Blessing your home that includes: • simple methods to cleanse and reset the atmosphere of your home • how your daily choices (and the choices of prior owners) affect your home's atmosphere • learning to listen to the messages your home is sending you • using the power of your words to change the energy of your home • dozens of written blessings that you can begin using today • a special Home Blessing Ceremony for a new home or beginning a new chapter of life in your current home. Whether you simply want more serenity in your home or you're struggling with deep exhaustion, depression or anxiety, Amy will gently help you to listen to the “messages in the messes” and begin to clear and nurture your most sacred space ... your home. Filled with personal stories and helpful tools, The Blessed Home will inspire you to think and speak differently. With humor, grace and Blessing, you'll be ready to heal your home and create a sanctuary that nurtures both body and spirit.

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